Terms of use

Photos published on www.schlachtbank.org can be used if the following conditions apply:

The copyright on all photos published on www. Schlachtbank.org[nbsp] will remain with Heike Riese and Stefan Graesslin. All rights are reserved. You MUST NOT cut off the watermark (schlachtbank.org) in any picture! The following exceptions apply:

We agree to private use of all photos published on www.schlachtbank.org

If photographed bands are interested in private use of their photos or performance we are happy to provide copies with a higher resolution for free. The same applies to hosts of the respective events.

Our photos cannot be used within an illegal or political context. They cannot be used for racist, fascistic or pornographic purposes.

The use of our photos in publications such as magazines or artwork for packaging / display / publicity / labelling is subject to our written agreement. As a general rule we agree to editorial use. For every other purpose written agreement of the photographed is required.

We are happy to provide photos with an adequate resolution for publications and expect to be explicitly mentioned as the author in turn. If technically possible, we expect a link to www.schlachtbank.org. We are also interested in a specimen copy of that publication.

Future commercial use of our photos will be subject to our written agreement. In the event of a band or record label making profit from a publication using our photos, we expect a fair share of that profit. The amount has to be agreed upon in writing before use.

These terms of use are copied from www.metalvisions.de. Many thanks to them!